Who we are?

Esthetica is a one of its kind of private hospital for the head, face, jaw, neck surgery of hard & soft tissue, facial cosmetic treatments, and all variety of dental procedures under one roof. Hospital is in the prime location in Karelibaug, Vadodara (Gujarat), India, near the airport, Express highway and all major areas in Vadodara.

1 April 2021 Vadodara India

Our Hospital

Esthetica is a private specialty hospital to provides excellent patient care to all. The Clinic is India’s largest and one of the few internationally certified dental hospitals in Vadodara. Esthetica’s technology, skill, and knowledge make the way ahead for the future of healthcare. Our Services Dental Implants – Aesthetic surgeries, General Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgeries.

Why Choose Esthetica?

Esthetica provides patient referrals to most of the top cosmetic surgeons worldwide to assist them in their treatment. Patient consults with our team, and we do the due diligence necessary to ensure the quality of treatment, fair cost, and satisfactory outcome for the patient.

5 April 2021 Vadodara India

Every facial treatment in one place

Skin Care – Permanent cosmetics, Hair Transplants, and facelift – Cosmetic therapy So basically, we offer all these services under one roof, which makes the patient’s journey go from a basic cosmetic procedure to a cosmetic surgery quick and smooth and easy.

Our clinic covers all segments of the dental field. We specialize in all types of cosmetic surgeries.

Our Staff

All of our staff are passionate about their profession and are trained to high levels to ensure that you consistently receive quality care, no matter which practice you choose to visit.

As our group and team expand, we will continue to instill this supportive and positive ethos so that our team remains a happy family that always provides you with the best dental care.


Besides having our well-qualified dental professionals Esthetica Dental Clinic and Hospital follows the Indian Standard of Sterilization to ensure patient’s confidence in cleanliness and safety.

Additionally, our clinic is equipped with digital radiography and photography with high resolution to achieve a more accurate and detailed clinical diagnosis for better treatment planning.