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Advanced implantology, basal implants – fix teeth in 3 days

Rehabilitation of an atrophied edentulous jaws by placing implants is a challenging procedure . Although various bone augmentation procedure like ridge augmentation, sinus lift are in practice but it may lead to the morbidity of donor’s site.

Sometimes patient is not willing for such extensive surgical procedures. In such cases basal implants is a viable treatment option.

Basal implants derive support from the basal bone area which usually remains free from the infection and less prone to resorption. This article discusses about the basal implants

Indications of Basal Implants
1. In situations when multiple teeth are missing or have to be extracted.

2. When a bone augmentation procedure has failed.

3. Cases of thin ridges – That is deficiency of bone in buccolingual thickness. 4. Cases where bone height is insufficient
Basal implants are the options where we can give fix teeth in 3 days to patients. The procedure is flapless, bloodless , stichless and no swelling occurs after surgery.

Basal implants in india is nowadays on the top choice in implantology. Esthetica Hospital provides this treatment in minimum time period for overseas patients with affordable price of implant.