All on 6 implant

All on 6 implant

All on 6 implant in india

All on 6 implant is a treatment where 6 tilted implants are inserted in the either jaw. on these 6 implant all the teeth are fixed , which are screw retained teeth.

In upper jaw 4 front implants are inclined towards the centre of the nose where as 2 back side implant on either side is inclined towards back side of the jaw.The front implant are same as all on 4 implant. In addition to all on 4 , back side implants are called pterygoid implant. they serve additional pillar of support to give more number of teeth in the occlusion.

In lower jaw 4 front implant are same as all on 4 implant and back side 2 straight implants are placed above the inferior alveolar nerve region

In traditional all on 4 technique only 24 teeth are given , 12 teeth in each arch for the occlusion. the problem with this is less chewing capability , less bite force and extra cantilever tooth in both jaws on either side. this results in long term overload of the implants and results in failure due to overloading.

In all on 6 implant 28 teeth are given in occlusion , 14 teeth in each arch. This increases the natural musculature force for bite and very efficient chewing capability.

procedure for all on 6 implant :

1 . 1st Day - surgery  -  6 implants are placed in either jaw in a single sitting. implants can be placed flapless or with open flap approach. if a person is edentulous - preference is flapless implants as they create less trauma to the tissue , less bleeding , fast recovery . In person with teeth , the teeth are removed , through curettage is done and implants are placed along with PRF - A Blood product , which helps in healing faster.

2. 2nd day - impression - attachments are placed on implants and impression is taken to fabricate duplicate master cast

3. 3rd day - jig trial - a trial of attachments is taken on implants to verify the fit of the future teeth and a bite is taken as per your jaw relation

4. 4th day - teeth trial - the all new set of teeth is ready to take the trial in your mouth to check the size , shape , colour and fitting

5. 5th day - provisional acrylic teeth fitting - your new provisional teeth will be placed on implants and are fixed with small screw making it a screw retained prosthesis

6. after 6 months - again same 5 days sitting for final all ceramic teeth , except the surgery part


The benefit of going for all on 6 implant is more predictability , easy periodic maintenance and long lasting



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