Ankylosis treatment in Vadodara

Looking for Ankylosis treatment in Vadodara? then you came right place to visit. Esthetica provide complete ankylosis treatment at affordable cost in Vadodara City. Ankylosis is a congenital defect that occurs when a bone, part or part of a bone grows in the wrong direction.

The causes and treatment of ankylosis varies from person to person. We can diagnose this disease with the help of X-rays or MRI scan, which can tell us the real cause for it. However, there are many other reasons and treatments for ankylosis such as genetic defects such as hemophilia that can cause this disease.

Ankylosis is a degenerative bone disease that causes stiffness and crepitus.

Symptoms of Ankylosis

Ankylosis is a serious disease that affects the joints of the skeleton. The patients often have to use crutches for their daily activities. We can easily see how ankylosis affects people’s lives by looking at the pictures of elderly people with painful joints who have to walk on crutches.

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