basal implant in india

basal implant in india

Full mouth rehabilitation with basal implants

Basal implant in india is at boom nowadays. With this increased demand of immediate implants and giving teeth within 3 to 7 days on implants has been on top of the list in dentist offices to attract more clients from around the world.

Many people searching for basal implants and visiting india for their treatment for implants. The cost is also low as compare to conventional implants. But before going for the treatment of basal implants , you really need to think before selecting any clinic in india.

The reason being is less number of experienced dentists for basal implants , technique sensitive approach ,recent failures of many cases with basal implants.

Lets just start with the basic knowledge.

  1. what is basal implant ?

Basal implant is a new design in implants which is designed in European countries. There are 3 to 4 companies that make basal implants. Basal implant is a type of screw which is one piece design and can be loaded immediate. Basal implants are thin and longer , therefore they can be placed without cutting the gum.

2.  How basal implant is different from other implants ?

Basal implant is a one piece implant in which the root part of implant is attached to abutment with a polished neck , where as in conventional implant the implant and abutment has to be joined with an extra screw.

3.  How is the basal implant designed?

there are 2 types of basal implants

1. Axial basal - which has thread in its apical part and it is polished titanium implant

2. Compressive implant - which is same as conventional implant but in one piece

4. which type is good for long term success ?

obviously , compressive one as it has rough titanium surface and it gets good anchorage from bone both mechanically and biologically.

Axial basal implant is polished so the bone to implant junction remains loose sometimes if not properly inserted in cortical bone

5 . which type of teeth comes with basal implants ?

Most of the doctors in india prefers acrylic hybrid teeth when they use basal implants. The issue with acrylic teeth is , they are not aesthetically good in look as             all ceramic teeth , also acrylic teeth gets wear off  with time.

whenever possible , you should go for only compressive implants as they are more predictable. If in your case it is not possible then go for another implant

system. All ceramic teeth is the best option as they look more natural and success ratio is high with them.

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