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Best Dental Implants in India

Best Dental implants in India today becomes a type of practice.

Many patients are looking for the best dental implant clinic in India on Search engines. Before visiting India, they carefully collect all the information related to all types of dental implants. in addition, Most of these tourists prefer to visit India from United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia. Its main and big cause is the low cost of dental implants.

Implant Making Company like Nobel Biocare from the United States, Noris from Israel, Osteem from Korea, Roott from Switzerland and more An equal quality is sent to the same implants in India. Without giving any type of change or low-quality material. The major drawback has been that the standard of life of the foreign dental clinic is very high and their tools are very costly. Besides, their fees are also very high. Adding it, another factor currency. At present, India’s currency is about 70 rupees to 1 dollar. And 1 pound is about 90 to 100 rupees.

It also depends on whether you come to us with existing teeth with gum disease (a major reason for teeth loss) as after the extraction if we get good bone then we can place dental implants- it’s IMMEDIATE IMPLANT PLACEMENT. And then we wait for 3-4 months to get the implants bonded to your jaw.

basal dental implants cost india1

Cost factor

Cost factors depend on which system and materials we use. There is a range of $390 to $940 USD. Some people will claim below this range too but I warn you to check dental implant’s company profile first. Since there are many Implants companies in the world and India being a big market, they all target to sell their products. Not all company has got the long term data of their patients.

We here at Esthetica Dental Implants Clinic, explain to you about all the available options and set a budget based plan for you. You can also talk to our happy clients to gain more confidence in us. That would give you the real testimonial. We provide the same dental implant system which is used in western countries but at an unbelievable rate.

Finding good dentist in India

It’s becoming easier to find dentists who offer dental implants in India. But you’ll have a tough time finding a dentist offering the range of services you can get from Esthetica. Unlike many dentists, We provide both types like places and restores implants, so you can get your whole dental implants procedure done in single place. Esthetica is ready to offer inexpensive guided surgery by creating his own surgical guides with our in-house 3D printer. A guided surgery means there is no guesswork during the procedure, and the patient receives the best possible outcome.

What Is the Dental Implant Placement Process at Esthetica India?


Preparation is the most essential part of the process. A correctly and well thought-out treatment plan is the difference between success and failure. Sometimes we may require specific imaging to the bone condition and 3D viewing to ensure proper placement.

Implant placement

Our Esthetica specialist will place the dental implant in the perfect spot to form the glued tissue around the implant.


The bone around the dental implant will improve and integrate with the new Implant in a matter of a few weeks.

Temporary rehabilitation

if the dental implant is in a quickly apparent area, a temporary restoration may be placed for esthetic expectations while the site heals.

Abutment position

when healing is finished, the dental implant abutment is fixed to connect the dental implant to the porcelain crown.

Porcelain crown

Once our ceramist makes the new porcelain crown to exact terms, we bond the crown to the abutment.

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