Best Dental Surgeon in Vadodara

Finding the Best Dental Surgeon in Vadodara can be difficult for your next treatment. But in this article, we will help you find the perfect specialist for oral surgery.

Our Oral Surgeon are Board Certified or Board Eligible in their field and are committed to continuous learning and professional growth. We invite you to our website to get familiar with our medical staff and doctors and explore the wide array of services we provide.

best dental surgeon in vadodara
More about Dr. Dhaval

Dr. Dhaval Trivedi (MDS)

Key Features of Dr. Dhaval Trivedi are

  • Dhaval Specialization in Oral a Maxillofacial Surgery with A Gold Medal from Vadodara
  • He is known as Advanced Maxillofacial, cosmetic surgeon & Implantologist.
  • Dr. Dhaval is always happy to advise his patients on any dental concerns.
  • He is known for the most complicated implant surgeries.
  • Dhaval is a prime member of the Indian dental association.
  • He is Certified by the Indian dental association for dental implants.
  • Member of Dental Council of India.
  • Dr. Dhaval has been voted “Best Oral Surgeon” in the Vadodara by many magazines and newspapers every issue since 2015.
  • Dental Surgeon & Owner at Esthetica Hospital
  • Certificate in Orthodontics, Certificate in Dental Implantology, MDS
  • Fellow of International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
dr. dhaval trivedi best oral surgeon in vadodara

What are the Top Qualities of a Good Dental Surgeon?

  • Continues to Learn:The best dentist is one who seeks out continuing education to stay abreast of the latest developments in research and technology. They are committed to learning and remaining at the cutting edge of dental technology.
  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere:The office should be a place that is a warm and welcoming environment. Patients are never unwelcome or rushed. Everyone is welcoming and accommodating.
  • Teach Patients:Teach your patients about the importance of proper dental hygiene and the treatment options suggested. Help them develop healthy habits of preventative care.
  • Achieves a High Level of Scientific Knowledge:A good dentist should have extensive knowledge about oral hygiene and teeth. They can quickly spot problems and provide the most effective treatment methods.
  • Make use of a Gentle touch:A skilled dentist is aware that patients’ mouths are sensitive and performs all treatments using empathetic pressure. The dentist strives to reduce discomfort and pain.
  • Trusts in the Patient:Involvement Being involved in the decision-making process regarding treatment indicates a superior dental surgeon. They provide patients with access to their dental records and will explain the various possible options regarding treatment.
  • Knows the latest technology:Staying current on the most recent technological advancements in dentistry and incorporating new methods or equipment into their practices.
  • Passionate:They have to educate the general public on how to develop healthy habits for brushing and are dedicated to helping each patient maintain an ideal mouth.
  • Makes Patients Feel At Peace:The ability to make even the most frightened patient feel relaxed indicates an experienced and competent doctor. They are calm and can help patients relax throughout treatments.

Before after Work of Dr. Dhaval Trivedi