Breast Lift Surgery in Vadodara, India

Best breast lift surgery in Vadodara is in its infancy. Augmentation of the breasts or Mastopexy is a procedure to strengthen the breasts. It doesn’t matter if it’s due to gravity or age.

Besides, women’s breasts begin becoming sagging and lose their youthful appearance. The breast lift helps correct this issue by restoring the perkiness and elasticity of the breasts. There are many procedures involved in making the lift complete.

Quick Overview & Instructions

  • Pre-Operative- Instructions

  • On the Day of Surgery – Instructions

  • Post-Operative – Instructions

* All instructions are based on the standard procedure and average cases at Esthetica Hospital. Besides, Every Patient has different conditions and treatment steps. Please ask your surgeon for your specific case, If there are any other symptoms you have.

What is Breast lift Surgery?

A plastic surgeon commonly performs a breast-lift procedure, eliminating excess skin and reshaping breast tissue to enhance the breasts. A breast lift procedure is also known as mastopexy.

Benefits of Breast lift Surgery

Each patient has her own individual goals and desires with Gynecomastia.

  • A breast lift operation will improve the self-image of a female and enhance her self-assurance.
  • Breast lift surgery can allow you to make better health choices in your life.
  • A breast lift procedure increases the well-being of women.
  • As a result of this operation, some clothes will fit better, and a woman can experiment with trendier outfits.
  • A breast lift surgery results in a better proportion between the breasts and buttocks for many women.
  • Breast lift surgery is a practical method of enhancing breast tissue in women.

Procedure of Breast Lift surgery in Vadodara

Step 1: Consultation

A consultation is when the doctor or surgeon provides advice or guidance to the patient. Sometimes it is necessary to consult a surgeon before breast lift surgery at Vadodara. 

The patient can do this through the use of an online consultation platform. The platform allows the user to get information about various procedures and make a detailed written consultation request.

Step 1: Anesthesia 

The drugs are offered to make sure your leisure in the course of the surgical procedure. The choices embrace basic anesthesia and intravenous sedation. Your doctor will advise you on probably the most acceptable possibility for you.

Step 2: The incision 

  • Throughout the Areola
  • across the Isola, and downwards vertically from the areola right down to the breast, the crease
  • The Areola is situated across the physique horizontally downwards from the breast fold and horizontally throughout that crease in the course of the breast.

Step 3: Reshaping your breasts.

After your physician makes the incisions:

  • The underlying breast tissue is lifted and reshaped to enhance breast contour and firmness.
  • The nipple and areola are repositioned to a pure, younger peak.
  • If essential, enlarged areolas are decreased by excising pores and skin on the perimeter.
  • Extra breast pores and skin is eliminated to compensate for the lack of elasticity.

Step 4: Closing the incisions.

After your breasts are reshaped and extra pores and skin is eliminated, the remaining pores and skin is tightened because the incisions are closed.

Some incision strains ensuing from breast elevations are hidden within the pure breast contours; others are seen on the breast floor. Incision strains are everlasting. However, it usually will fade and considerably enhance over time.

Step 5: See the outcomes.

The result of your breast elevate or lifting surgical procedure are instantly seen. Get extra details about breast elevate outcomes.

The cost of breast lift surgery in Vadodara, India

Breast lift surgery, also known as Mastopexy, costs around ₹50,000 to ₹70,000 approximately. The last price of the breast lift surgery in Vadodara may vary for each patient and can increase or decrease sometimes.

The cost of plastic surgery varies depending on the type and complexity. But it typically starts from ₹5000 to ₹150,000.

TypeInfoPrice INR(₹)Price USD($)
Breast LiftTo change the shape of the breasts₹50,000 to ₹60,000$600 to $670
Breast AugmentationThe surgery to increase breast size₹1,00,000 to ₹1,20,000$1,230 to $1,470
Breast ReductionTo remove extra fat, tissue, and skin from your breasts₹75,000 to ₹1,00,000 $920 to $1,230

*Cost includes the standard procedure and treatment steps. Each patient has a different condition, so minor cost variations may apply

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