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All on 6 implant

All on 6 implant in india

All on 6 implant is a treatment where 6 tilted implants are inserted in the either jaw. on these 6 implant all the teeth are fixed , which are screw retained teeth.

In upper jaw 4 front implants are inclined towards the centre of the nose where as 2 back side implant on either side is inclined towards back side of the jaw.The front implant are same as all on 4 implant. In addition to all on 4 , back side implants are called pterygoid implant. they serve additional pillar of support to give more number of teeth in the occlusion.

In lower jaw 4 front implant are same as all on 4 implant and back side 2 straight implants are placed above the inferior alveolar nerve region

In traditional all on 4 technique only 24 teeth are given , 12 teeth in each arch for the occlusion. the problem with this is less chewing capability , less bite force and extra cantilever tooth in both jaws on either side. this results in long term overload of the implants and results in failure due to overloading.

In all on 6 implant 28 teeth are given in occlusion , 14 teeth in each arch. This increases the natural musculature force for bite and very efficient chewing capability.

procedure for all on 6 implant :

1 . 1st Day - surgery  -  6 implants are placed in either jaw in a single sitting. implants can be placed flapless or with open flap approach. if a person is edentulous - preference is flapless implants as they create less trauma to the tissue , less bleeding , fast recovery . In person with teeth , the teeth are removed , through curettage is done and implants are placed along with PRF - A Blood product , which helps in healing faster.

2. 2nd day - impression - attachments are placed on implants and impression is taken to fabricate duplicate master cast

3. 3rd day - jig trial - a trial of attachments is taken on implants to verify the fit of the future teeth and a bite is taken as per your jaw relation

4. 4th day - teeth trial - the all new set of teeth is ready to take the trial in your mouth to check the size , shape , colour and fitting

5. 5th day - provisional acrylic teeth fitting - your new provisional teeth will be placed on implants and are fixed with small screw making it a screw retained prosthesis

6. after 6 months - again same 5 days sitting for final all ceramic teeth , except the surgery part


The benefit of going for all on 6 implant is more predictability , easy periodic maintenance and long lasting




all on 4 implant

All on 4 implant - as the name suggests , all the teeth of a jaw is supported by four implants. All on 4 is the system which is used when there is less bone available in back side of either jaw. Less bone or Atrophic jaw is a condition in which due to bone loss the back side of jaws do not have adequate bone to place implants. in such cases bone grafting is the option, but with All on 4 implant system , without graft and waiting period of 6 months, immediate implants can be placed and fix teeth can be given within 5 to 7 days.

In All on 4 system, 2 implants comes in centre of jaw and in straight position whereas other 2 implants are tilted at sides of jaw to avoid sinus perforation. Due to this tilt of 2 implants , the head of the implant reaches to the level of 2nd premolar or 1st molar tooth.

In upper jaw which is called Maxilla - tilted implants are placed in the bone adjacent to the maxillary sinus and in lower jaw which is called mandible - tilted implants are placed 3 to 5 mm away from mental nerve. The tilt of the implants ranges from 17 degrees to 45 degrees , depending upon the bone level.

Indication of all on 4 implants:

  1. less bone in the region of molars teeth in both jaws
  2. adequate length and width of bone in the region of front side of both jaws
  3. medically compromised patient in whom extensive surgery of graft is not advised
  4. immediate replacement of fix teeth

Contraindication of all on 4 implants:

  1. those who do not have bone available in front region till 1st premolar region , in such cases zygoma implant may be the option along with all on 4
  2. good bone available in both jaws on back side
  3. patients with heavy bite force
  4. big jaw sizes , which require more teeth for chewing

benefits of all on 4 implants:

  1. Fast work
  2. fast recovery
  3. immediate fix teeth replacement
  4. affordable cost
  5. less invasive procedure

Drawbacks of all on 4 system

  1. less number of implant to support teeth
  2. only 24 teeth in the final prosthesis
  3. 2nd sitting after 6 months for final teeth set
  4. less chewing efficiency with 24 teeth

Available system in all on 4 implant per jaw with cost:

  1. noris medical - 3300 USD
  2. osteem - 3600 USD
  3. noble biocare -  4600 USD


What is better then all on 4 if not indicated for you ?

  1. Basal implants
  2. All on 6 implants
  3. All on 8 implants
  4. Zygoma implants



Why are you suffering from tooth loss?

Healthy and natural teeth help you to enjoy your favorite food. You can grab a quick bite of an Apple to the nuts if you have sharp teeth. A set of healthy teeth makes your face looks younger and adds a confident smile on your face. But these days most of the people are facing early tooth decay problem. Earlier the only Solution to these problems were bridges and dentures.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your teeth get damaged or cavities give you an unbearable pain? Are you comfortable staying with a missing tooth? Do you think the conventional tooth replacement would be a long-lasting solution? If your answer is no, we have a solution for you.

Don't worry! A dental implant is a solution to all your problems. It is a simple, immediate, and natural technique to bring the magical smile on your face. It is a unique way to replace the old teeth, which is good for overall oral health. A dental implant or buccal extraction of teeth is advisable if you are having enough bones and strong jaws to hold the implant. It is good to replace the missing or damaged teeth because it can affect the set of other teeth as well, which results in costly and painful treatment in the future.

It is sad to know that the unavailability of modern equipment and untrained professionals may sometimes result in a lot of failures during dental implants. Dental implants require a lot of theoretical knowledge and surgical practice at the same time. The dental implant is a complicated process because it varies with the patient to the patient and the medical history of the patient.

Life Time Natural Alternative

Dental implants in India are a bit affordable procedure than the traditional implant alternatives, but esthetica adds this supportive crown at just 1000INR. It provides the ideal replacement one-time solution that lasts for a lifetime. They provide a team of genius dentists to perform the surgery. They also provide proper infrastructure to meet the international benchmark.

We understand that each individual has a unique jaw structure. Therefore, we provide globally accepted implant techniques. We offer a comfortable environment so that our patients feel minimum pain during the dental implant procedure. Dental implants ensure to make chewing to its original form by performing the surgery with hi-tech equipment.

Improving Life Styles

Dental implants improve your self-esteem and make you feel more confident. It not only improves oral health but also adds beauty to your face. It is applicable for all age groups who suffer from tooth injury, disease, or decay. Not only it improves the appearance of your teeth, but also it results in an enhanced speech.


One should avoid having extremely hot or cold food after a dental implant. You should use the mouthwash prescribed by the doctor. It is advisable to avoid smoking or drinking for a few days after the implant. Chew slowly and try to chew from the other side to make the chewing process quick.

Esthetica dental clinic best dental implant and cosmetic surgery vadodara india

Quora Review about Esthetica by Rohan Bhatt

Why Esthetica is so Special?

The doctor is good or bad can only be decided when you personally visit the dentist and taking a service from them. At first, you should visit all the dentist near your city and take some treatments by them, then you can give the best review about it. you can not decide all another dentist bad and your visited dentist is good.

Yes, Having an experienced and talented doctor is somehow difficult, not because some having lack of equipment's in their place, But the doctor must be having a friendly nature with the patient as well as he must keep his client at comfort zone.

By the way, My mother and father both have a serious problem with teeth and I had lots of experience to visit all most all dentist around the town. All most dentist are preferred full mouth denture is the best available option for you except one dentist called Dr.Dhaval Trivedi. Having extensively studied the subject along the way to creating best-advanced treatment. They have a high-tech clinic that is equipped to meet your dental needs by offering the newest dental procedures and the latest technologies at an affordable rate. They also have in-house X-Ray machine so don't have to waste your time to find some.

When I was a in Vadodara, one of my friend's father - who had been a professor at MS University Vadodara, was scheduled to have one of his teeth removed. But dentist at Esthetica, having found some serious issues in his mouth. He has a small level of the cyst. which could be removed by some small surgery. Before going to advanced level Dr. Dhaval has prevented him from going some serious problem.

Dentist in Vadodara, Vadodara Dentist, Best Dentist, top qaulity den

Dentist in Vadodara

Are we the office you’ve been looking for?

Family Dentistry

At Esthetica Dental Clinic , experienced Vadodara(India) City cosmetic dentists Dr. Dhaval Trivedi and Dr. Megha Vyas collaborate to provide you with comprehensive dental care and outstanding cosmetic dentistry results. Together they founded Esthetica in 2012 and have been dedicated to providing Creative dentistry and Cosmetic surgery ever since. The dentists and entire staff share a belief in the importance of being a complete person: comply to the highest Quality standards while advancing to grow at the personal level.

Dentist in Vadodara, Vadodara Dentist, Best Dentist, Top Qaulity Treatments

Dentist in Vadodara, Vadodara Dentist, Best Dentist, top qaulity den

Discover how all of your dental needs can be met comfortably in a relaxed setting.

Dentists at Esthetica is a wonderfully eclectic group of top rated dentists, hygienists, and staff. We have great clinical and people skills. We deliver a very high quality of dental care. we can comprehensively serve all your dental needs, from routine cleanings to dental implants, from whitening to more advanced cosmetic dentistry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide people who haven’t been comfortable at the dentist with a place to go, with everything they need to feel at ease. We provide all phases of dental care with all types of anesthesia, including local, nitrous oxide, oral, intravenous, or general; whatever the needs of the patient. Your comfort is our first priority. We understand that giving patients a comfortable experience in the dental chair will keep them coming back.

Dentist in Vadodara, Vadodara Dentist, Best Dentist, Top Qaulity Treatments

See why our patients think that Esthetica is the Best Vadodara Dentist for them:
  • Painless Dental Treatments
  • Experienced Dental Professionals
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Beautiful Smile Design
  • One Place for All Your Dental Needs
  • Convenient Scheduling
  • Convenient Location – Manhattan, Midtown East
  • Top of the line dental equipment
  • Top rated by Google patient reviews
  • Professional dental cleaning
  • Dental x-rays
  • Periodontal screening
  • Dental caries screening
  • Occlusal analysis to examine the position of the bite
Dr Dhaval Trivedi Best Detist in india, One of the top Dentist at Esthetica Vadodara
Dentist in Vadodara (Esthetica)

Dr. Dhaval Trivedi

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, Conventional & Basal Implantologist

Dr.Dhaval Trivedi has completed his graduation from DY Patil school of dentistry, Mumbai and specialization in oral a Maxillofacial surgery with a GOLD MEDAL from Vadodara. He is a consultant oral and Maxillofacial surgeon, Facial cosmetic surgeon Implantologist in and around Vadodara.

Vadodara Dentists You Can Trust

With offices in Vadodara and the surrounding areas, our dentists create affordable smiles every day. From crowns to fillings, our dentists in Vadodara and across Gujarat are dedicated to making your visit a relaxing, comfortable experience. We can help you and your family receive great dental care at affordable prices, almost anywhere in Vadodara. It’s not easy to find a dentist that can get the job done at an affordable price, but that’s what we specialize in. When you need a reliable dentist that doesn’t break the bank, look no further, that’s what Absolute Dental has built their business on. We have very prime locations around the Vadodara, and making it an easy drive from wherever you may be.

Dentist in Vadodara, Vadodara Dentist, Best Dentist, Top Qaulity Treatments

Your smile is priceless!

Our experienced and reliable dentist in Vadodara, Dr. Dhaval Trivedi, offers different general and cosmetic procedures. The key to an improved smile is getting rid of the little flaws on your teeth. Be it discoloration or misalignment, we can offer just the right service to make your pearly whites better. Our teeth whitening treatment and Invisalign are two popular options we have for you. We also have Smile Analysis, a comprehensive evaluation of your tooth shade, discoloration, spaces, and other unsightly defects.

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best dental implants in india

Dental Implants in India

Dental Implants in India

Dental implants in India today becomes a type of practice. Most people of the country are coming out of India for just to do dental implants to travel abroad. Before visiting India, they carefully collect all the information related to all types of dental implants. in addition, Most of these tourists prefer to visit India from United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia. Its main and big cause is the low cost of dental implants.

Implant Making Company like Nobel Biocare from United States, Noris from Israel, Osteim from Korea, Osteem from Korea, Roott from Switzerland and more An equal quality is sent to the same implants in India. Without giving any type of change or a low quality material. The major drawback have been that the standard of life of the foreign dental clinic is very high and their tools are very costly. Besides, their fees are also very high. Adding it, another factor currency. At present, India’s currency is about 70 rupees to 1 dollar. And 1 pound is about 90 to 100 rupees.

It also depends on whether you come to us with existing teeth with gum disease (a major reason for teeth loss) as after the extraction if we get good bone then we can place dental implants- it’s IMMEDIATE IMPLANT PLACEMENT. And then we wait for 3-4 months to get the implants bonded to your jaw.

best dental implants in india

Cost factor

Cost factors depend on which system and materials we use. There is a range of $390 to $940 USD. Some people will claim below this range too but I warn you to check dental implant’s company profile first. Since there are many Implants companies in the world and India being a big market, they all target to sell their products. Not all company has got the long term data of their patients.

We here at Esthetica Dental Implants Clinic, explain to you about all the available options and set a budget based plan for you. You can also talk to our happy clients to gain more confidence in us. That would give you the real testimonial. We provide the same dental implant system which is used in western countries but at an unbelievable rate.

Oral bacteria in pancreas linked to more aggressive tumors

Oral bacteria in pancreas linked to more aggressive tumors

Oral bacteria in pancreas linked to more aggressive tumors

Treatment for Mouth Cysts and Tumors at Esthetica

The presence of oral bacteria in so-called cystic pancreatic tumours is associated with the severity of the tumour, a study by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden published in the journal Gut reports. It is hoped that the results can help to improve diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal cancers in the west. The disease is often discovered late, which means that in most cases the prognosis is poor. But not all pancreatic tumours are cancerous. For instance there are so-called cystic pancreatic tumours (pancreatic cysts), many of which are benign. A few can, however, become cancerous.

It is currently difficult to differentiate between these tumours. To rule out cancer, many patients therefore undergo surgery, which puts a strain both on the patient and on the healthcare services. Now, however, researchers at Karolinska Institutet have found that the presence of bacteria inside the cystic tumours is linked to how severe the tumour is.

"We find most bacteria at the stage where the cysts are starting to show signs of cancer," says corresponding author Margaret Sällberg Chen, docent and senior lecturer at the Department of Dental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet. "What we hope is that this can be used as a biomarker for the early identification of the cancerous cysts that need to be surgically removed to cure cancer, this will in turn also reduce the amount of unnecessary surgery of benignant tumours. But first, studies will be needed to corroborate our findings."

The researchers examined the presence of bacterial DNA in fluid from pancreatic cysts in 105 patients and compared the type and severity of the tumours. Doing this they found that the fluid from the cysts with high-grade dysplasia and cancer contained much more bacterial DNA than that from benign cysts.

To identify the bacteria, the researchers sequenced the DNA of 35 of the samples that had high amounts of bacterial DNA. They found large variations in the bacterial composition between different individuals, but also a greater presence of certain oral bacteria in fluid and tissue from cysts with high-grade dysplasia and cancer.

"We were surprised to find oral bacteria in the pancreas, but it wasn't totally unexpected," says Dr Sällberg Chen. "The bacteria we identified has already been shown in an earlier, smaller study to be higher in the saliva of patients with pancreatic cancer."

The results can help to reappraise the role of bacteria in the development of pancreatic cysts, she notes. If further studies show that the bacteria actually affects the pathological process it could lead to new therapeutic strategies using antibacterial agents.

The researchers also studied different factors that could conceivably affect the amount of bacterial DNA in the tumour fluid. They found that the presence of bacterial DNA was higher in patients who had undergone invasive pancreas endoscopy, a procedure that involves the insertion of a flexible tube into the mouth to examine and treat pancreatic conditions thus the possible transfer of oral bacteria into the pancreas.

"The results were not completely unequivocal, so the endoscopy can't be the whole answer to why the bacteria is there," she continues. "But maybe we can reduce the risk of transferring oral bacteria to the pancreas by rinsing the mouth with an antibacterial agent and ensuring good oral hygiene prior to examination. That would be an interesting clinical study."

The study was conducted in collaboration with researchers at the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology, the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Karolinska Institutet and Science for Life Laboratory. It was financed by the Swedish Cancer Society, Stockholm County Council (ALF funding), Styrgruppen KI/SLL för Odontologisk Forskning (the KI/SLL steering group for dental research, SOF), KI KID-funding, and the Ruth and Richard Julin Foundation.

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best dental clinic in vadodara

Best Dental Clinic in Vadodara

Looking for Best Dental Clinic in Vadodara

Family Dentistry to Advanced Dental implants

Here at Esthetica is Best Dental Clinic in Vadodara, we love to see you smile. Really, we do. That’s because we take great pride in offering the most updated dental techniques in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, served up by experienced and trusted dentist. Your good oral health is an important part of overall health and you have our commitment to achieve it. That’s why we have our New Patient Offer. It’s a great way to discover our practice and get the exam and treatment plan you need for your health and well being. Come in for an exam, x-rays and cleaning, and Esthetica will address any dental concerns with you and help you achieve the smile you deserve. Modern office, relaxed environment, friendly staff, eco-friendly, digital registration / consent forms. All of these at the most affordable prices in or around Vadodara.

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