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Full mouth rehabilitation with basal implants

Basal implant in india is at boom nowadays. With this increased demand of immediate implants and giving teeth within 3 to 7 days on implants has been on top of the list in dentist offices to attract more clients from around the world.

Many people searching for basal implants and visiting india for their treatment for implants. The cost is also low as compare to conventional implants. But before going for the treatment of basal implants , you really need to think before selecting any clinic in india.

The reason being is less number of experienced dentists for basal implants , technique sensitive approach ,recent failures of many cases with basal implants.

Lets just start with the basic knowledge.

  1. what is basal implant ?

Basal implant is a new design in implants which is designed in European countries. There are 3 to 4 companies that make basal implants. Basal implant is a type of screw which is one piece design and can be loaded immediate. Basal implants are thin and longer , therefore they can be placed without cutting the gum.

2.  How basal implant is different from other implants ?

Basal implant is a one piece implant in which the root part of implant is attached to abutment with a polished neck , where as in conventional implant the implant and abutment has to be joined with an extra screw.

3.  How is the basal implant designed?

there are 2 types of basal implants

1. Axial basal - which has thread in its apical part and it is polished titanium implant

2. Compressive implant - which is same as conventional implant but in one piece

4. which type is good for long term success ?

obviously , compressive one as it has rough titanium surface and it gets good anchorage from bone both mechanically and biologically.

Axial basal implant is polished so the bone to implant junction remains loose sometimes if not properly inserted in cortical bone

5 . which type of teeth comes with basal implants ?

Most of the doctors in india prefers acrylic hybrid teeth when they use basal implants. The issue with acrylic teeth is , they are not aesthetically good in look as             all ceramic teeth , also acrylic teeth gets wear off  with time.

whenever possible , you should go for only compressive implants as they are more predictable. If in your case it is not possible then go for another implant

system. All ceramic teeth is the best option as they look more natural and success ratio is high with them.


all on 4 implant

All on 4 implant - as the name suggests , all the teeth of a jaw is supported by four implants. All on 4 is the system which is used when there is less bone available in back side of either jaw. Less bone or Atrophic jaw is a condition in which due to bone loss the back side of jaws do not have adequate bone to place implants. in such cases bone grafting is the option, but with All on 4 implant system , without graft and waiting period of 6 months, immediate implants can be placed and fix teeth can be given within 5 to 7 days.

In All on 4 system, 2 implants comes in centre of jaw and in straight position whereas other 2 implants are tilted at sides of jaw to avoid sinus perforation. Due to this tilt of 2 implants , the head of the implant reaches to the level of 2nd premolar or 1st molar tooth.

In upper jaw which is called Maxilla - tilted implants are placed in the bone adjacent to the maxillary sinus and in lower jaw which is called mandible - tilted implants are placed 3 to 5 mm away from mental nerve. The tilt of the implants ranges from 17 degrees to 45 degrees , depending upon the bone level.

Indication of all on 4 implants:

  1. less bone in the region of molars teeth in both jaws
  2. adequate length and width of bone in the region of front side of both jaws
  3. medically compromised patient in whom extensive surgery of graft is not advised
  4. immediate replacement of fix teeth

Contraindication of all on 4 implants:

  1. those who do not have bone available in front region till 1st premolar region , in such cases zygoma implant may be the option along with all on 4
  2. good bone available in both jaws on back side
  3. patients with heavy bite force
  4. big jaw sizes , which require more teeth for chewing

benefits of all on 4 implants:

  1. Fast work
  2. fast recovery
  3. immediate fix teeth replacement
  4. affordable cost
  5. less invasive procedure

Drawbacks of all on 4 system

  1. less number of implant to support teeth
  2. only 24 teeth in the final prosthesis
  3. 2nd sitting after 6 months for final teeth set
  4. less chewing efficiency with 24 teeth

Available system in all on 4 implant per jaw with cost:

  1. noris medical - 3300 USD
  2. osteem - 3600 USD
  3. noble biocare -  4600 USD


What is better then all on 4 if not indicated for you ?

  1. Basal implants
  2. All on 6 implants
  3. All on 8 implants
  4. Zygoma implants


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Dental Implants cost in India

Dental implant Cost at Esthetica, Vadodara(India)

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15,000 to 35,000 INR *

Permanent solution for missing teeth.

Basal Implant

18,000 to 50,000 INR *

Advanced implantation system which utilizes the basal (cortical) portion of the jaw bones for the retention of the dental implants.

Zygoma Implant

50,000 to 70,000 INR *

Zygoma implants are different from conventional dental implants in that they anchor in to the zygomatic bone rather than the maxilla.

All on 4 Dental Implants

5,00,000 to 8,00,000 INR*

The All-On-Four treatment is used to replace the entire upper or lower set of teeth.

(*) Price is based on materials of implant

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10% Off Dental Implants

  • Permanent solution for replacing missing teeth
  • Natural function and appearance
  • Improved chewing and speaking abilities
Your Smile and budget both are matters for us

Dental implant costs at Esthetica 40% to 70% below the World average

without compromising on our quality of care values.
Esthetica dental clinic best dental implant and cosmetic surgery vadodara india

Dr. Dhaval Trivedi believes that the cost of dental implants increases in the industry, some dentists are charged up to 2,10,000INR($3,000)* for one implant. Here you are not spending your money at the right place.

The price difference between dental implant systems is rarely 10,000INR($150)*, so if you are paying thousands more to implant, you are paying only for labor or unnecessary clinic resources.

The main goal of Esthetica is to make oral surgery cheaper and accessible to everyone; There should not be any pain with insufficient dentistry.

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Dental implants are a common treatment for the loss of teeth. This paper summarizes current knowledge on implant surfaces, immediate loading versus conventional loading, short implants, sinus lifting, and custom implants using three-dimensional printing.

Most of the implant surface modifications showed good osseointegration results. Regarding bio molecular coatings, which have been recently developed and studied, good results were observed in animal experiments.

Immediate loading had similar clinical outcomes compared to conventional loading and can be used as a successful treatment because it has the advantage of reducing treatment times and providing early function and aesthetics.

Short implants showed similar clinical outcomes compared to standard implants. A variety of sinus augmentation techniques, grafting materials, and alternative techniques, such as tilted implants, zygomatic implants, and short implants, can be used.

With the development of new technologies in three-dimension and computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) customized implants can be used as an alternative to conventional implant designs. However, there are limitations due to the lack of long-term studies or clinical studies. A long-term clinical trial and a more predictive study are needed.


Tooth loss is very common and it can happen as a result of disease and trauma; therefore, the use of dental implants to provide support for replacement of missing teeth has a long and multifaceted history1,2,3,4,5.

Statistics provided by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons show that 69% of adults ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth to an accident, gum disease, a failed root canal or tooth decay. Furthermore, by age 74, 26% of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth6. Therefore, the use of dental implants reveals that about 100,000-300,000 dental implants are placed per year, which approximates the numbers of artificial hip and knee joints placed per year7.

Research on dental implant designs, materials and techniques has increased in the past few years and is expected to expand in the future1,4,8 due to the recent growth of the global market for dental implants and the rising in the demand for cosmetic dentistry.

All on 4 Dental Implant

Permanent dentures with ‘all on 4’ implants

What are ‘all on four’ implants?

All on 4 implants give you beautiful, natural looking teeth which also function like natural teeth. The all on four process secures your denture to surgically placed dental implants so that you can eat, speak and live confidently without the fear of slipping dentures.

The Beauty and Benefits of All-on-4 Dental Implants

Many people have regained comfort and confidence by replacing missing teeth with All on 4 dental implants. This treatment has become popular and preferable with patients over the years because it can replace an entire mouth of teeth with just four dental implants and only one surgery. All on 4 dental implants, it’s possible to replace all of your teeth in just one day. And since the treatment costs less than other options, many more people are able to restore their entire smile with affordable All on 4 dental implants. Some of the advantages include:

  • Restores an entire smile with only four implants
  • A full set of new teeth in only one day
  • Treatment involves just one surgery
  • Secure placement deep in the jawbone, so implants will not shift or loosen
  • No bone graft usually necessary
  • Lower cost than other treatment alternatives, making it easier to replace teeth with affordable All on 4 dental implants
Missing Teeth? Low cost dental implant treatment near me? absolutely yes!

Permanent solution for tooth loss

Basal, Zygoma, Dental implants represent a common procedure of permanently replacing missing teeth without affecting neighboring teeth. Esthetica Provides low cost and best price full mouth implants

With the help of dental implants, we can fully remedy toothlessness and thus strongly improve chewing and speaking abilities as well as restore a beautiful smile. Implants can also serve as carriers of a fixed dental bridge or denture.

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esthetica's dental implant. your smile is our responsibility. top dental care in India, Vadodara(Gujarat) .

Dental implants, Basal, Zygoma, Low cost with Best Quality

A revolutionary and completely new method for dental implantation, where there is no need for bone augmentation in even the worst cases. They differ from classical implants primarily through the execution of the prosthetic construction and post-operative regime, but also in terms of their placing and force distribution. Also, the implants are one single unit, and made of bio-compatible titanium alloy.


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How will dental implants change my life?

  • Boosts your confidence
  • Improves your smile
  • Permanent solution
  • Stops other teeth from changing position
  • Improved function
  • Improved dental hygiene
  • No need to drill or remove any healthy tooth structure
  • Better aesthetics
Esthetica dental clinic best dental implant and cosmetic surgery vadodara india


At Esthetica Dental and Maxillofacial hospital in Vadodara, INDIA dedicated to restoring smiles with all kind of dental implants newly available parts in the most effective, advanced, and convenient way possible. With All-on-4 “teeth in a day,” we are able to restore the function and beauty of your smile with implant-supported technology, so you don’t have to deal with the inconveniences of dentures.

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Our Dedicated Esthetica Team offer these Implant Treatment

Esthetica dental clinic best dental implant and cosmetic surgery vadodara india

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Why Choose Esthetica for Dental Implants ?

Esthetica is a India owned group dedicated to the provision of dental implant treatment at prices 40% below the India average at comparable implant clinics. Our highly experienced team of implant dentists and periodontists provide the highest standard of treatment without compromising on a high quality of care.

Esthetica is the only group of clinics in the India dedicated to dental implants with finest India's dental clinics. As a leading provider of dental implants, we have the experience our patients and referring dentists can trust.

Our success is founded on the clinical excellence by experienced implant dentists to achieve optimum results, who undertake all dental implant treatments from single tooth to complex and full mouth restorations.

We have Specialists in Oral Surgery and dental implant dentists with internationally renowned implant dentistry MSc’s or post-graduate degrees. All have experience in implant-related oral surgery and advanced restorative techniques.

Our dentists have placed thousands of implants and treated thousands of patients with an audited 99% success rate.

dental implants, basal, zygoma, low cost, best quality

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Esthetica dental clinic best dental implant and cosmetic surgery vadodara india

Advanced implantology, basal implants – fix teeth in 3 days

Rehabilitation of an atrophied edentulous jaws by placing implants is a challenging procedure . Although various bone augmentation procedure like ridge augmentation, sinus lift are in practice but it may lead to the morbidity of donor’s site.

Sometimes patient is not willing for such extensive surgical procedures. In such cases basal implants is a viable treatment option.

Basal implants derive support from the basal bone area which usually remains free from the infection and less prone to resorption. This article discusses about the basal implants

Indications of Basal Implants
1. In situations when multiple teeth are missing or have to be extracted.

2. When a bone augmentation procedure has failed.

3. Cases of thin ridges – That is deficiency of bone in buccolingual thickness. 4. Cases where bone height is insufficient
Basal implants are the options where we can give fix teeth in 3 days to patients. The procedure is flapless, bloodless , stichless and no swelling occurs after surgery.

Basal implants in india is nowadays on the top choice in implantology. Esthetica Hospital provides this treatment in minimum time period for overseas patients with affordable price of implant.

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