Dental Implant Costs- Cheap At Twice The Price?

Even with their high cots, dental implants are becoming ever more popular to the aging Baby Boomer generation as an alternative to replacing their worn out natural teeth with bridges or wobbly dentures.

Dental implant costs, depending on the health and strength of the patients’ underlying jaw bone, can range from a thousand to twenty five hundred dollars for a single tooth, to thirty to forty thousand dollars for an entire set of teeth. Those are not small figures by anyone’s count, but dental implant costs pay for new teeth which you will be almost certain to keep for the rest of your life.

One thing to consider abut dental implant costs, however, is that they are rarely covered by insurance unless your teeth were lost due to an accidental injury. But many dentists have devised methods of financing to help their patients absorb the dental implant costs.

What You Are Paying For

The wide range in dental implant costs is due to the fact that in those whose jawbone density is not adequate to securely hold an implant, extra bone will have to be grafted into the area where the implant will be positioned. For those who have healthy bone, however, the dental implant costs will cover the removal of the existing tooth if it is still intact, and the implantation of a titanium rod into the old tooth’s socket.

Titanium is the metal of choice for dental implants because it is inert; it causes no negative reactions in the tissues where it is placed. Titanium has been successfully used in hip replacements for nearly forty years.

The patient will have a waiting period of between three and six months while the titanium rod and jawbone fuse, and then return to the dentist for an abutment which will lift the rod above the gumline. At this time the dentist will also make a cast to be used in creating a ceramic crown to function as a new tooth. These procedures are all included in the dental implant costs of replacing a single tooth.

Dental implant costs when a bone graft is required are much higher, and the entire process takes much longer. Bone grafts using the patient’s own bone also require the bone to be harvested in a hospital by an orthopedic surgeon.

The Latest Dental Implant Technique

A very new, “instant” dental implant involve the insertion of both the titanium rod and a temporary crown in the socket of a newly extracted tooth and the titanium rod is “expanded” to fill the socket, making the implant much more secure than it would normally be at this stage of the process. This technique also cuts the healing and fusing process by as much as fifty percent.

While it is true that dental implant

costs can be very high, you should weigh that cot against the cost of continuing to care for natural teeth which may be developing trouble and will continue to deteriorate as you age.