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Dental Implant in India

how to choose a perfect implant dentist in india for dental tourism

DENTAL IMPANT TOURISM in India is at peak in recent times compare to other countries in the world. The main reason is cheap price and fast work with more number of dentists and dental clinics offering implant treatments. Among more than half a million dentists which one is RIGTH FOR YOU!!

Also on the internet , you find different clinics offering different rates and different types of implant systems. so which one is right for you or is the cheap means low quality work???

it is of utmost importance that you do not fall under the trap of mal-practitioner and big chains of clinics, which not only compromises the quality of implant treatment also lack in keeping the procedure clean and contamination at its peak in such centres.

Here are some useful tips to select the right dentist for your implants!!

  1. most important – check your dentist is going to do the implant procedure by him/her self or some other doctor is going to come at their clinic for your work. In such cases , the operating doctors completes the procedure and walk away and not answerable to you. The dentist who is answerable to you is not enough trained or have enough knowledge in implant treatment. This leads to problems and you suffer at the end
  2. which implants the doctor is using – there are good quality implants and lower quality implants. choose the company carefully for successful long term results
  3. false promises – warranty and gurantee are 2 things which is actually not possible in implants as implants will be safe but your bone will resorb with age. so anyone offering life time warranty is making you fool as practically it is not possible, however 10 years warranty is acceptable if good quality work has been offered by specialist dentist
  4. Dentist qualification – there are no other valid degrees other than BDS & MDS. Some dentists uses degrees other than this are just small 3 to 10 days courses and they get a certificate. Beware of such fake degrees. Your best choice of dentist for implant is MDS – ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEON OR A PERIODONTIST. BDS holders also do implant procedures but they may not be as trained as above two specialist mentioned
  5. clinic – the clinic for implant should be fully equipped with all implant machines and sterilization protocols. This is about your life – if both of the above is not there than there is a risk to your life!!
  6. implant planning – some dentist offers cheap packages but they also plan less number of implants than actual required just to convenience you. so if you find other dentist who has quoted more implants and more money , you reject them as the one is offering less cost. always ask the treatment plan options to dentist before choosing the clinic and also take advise of more than 3 dentist for implants.
  7. time period – if in your case more time and multiple visit is needed then it is absolutely necessary to do that. dont rush to clinics which offers short time period and fast work even it is not possible in your case. you will suffer with implant failure due to wrong treatment
  8. last one – always ask your dentist as many question as you want to ask!!

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