Same Day Implants

Same Day Implants

At the office of Estehtica Dental Implant Centre, it’s our goal to make the process of restoring a complete smile more comfortable and stress-free for our patients. With same-day implants, you can enjoy a beautiful, perfect smile in a few hours. Same-day dental implants provide a cosmetically attractive and useful solution for restoring your smile. Our highly trained team will customize your same-day restorations to look and feel like natural teeth.

Is “Same Day Implants” really possible?

A dental implant behaves much like the root of a natural tooth and provides stable support for a customized restoration to rebuild your smile. The dental implant is biocompatible materials that fuse with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. While an implant needs to fuse with the bone to support a permanent crown or bridge, with same-day implants, we can place a functional and natural-looking temporary restoration. In this way, you won’t have to worry about embarrassing gaps in your smile, and you won’t struggle to speak and eat while your implants heal.

Moreover, you will be able to leave our office with an attractive smile and functional bite the very same day your implants are placed. As skilled and dedicated providers of care, we utilize the highest quality materials and will custom design your same-day restoration to achieve a precise fit. Throughout your course of treatment, we take the time to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. After your implants have had the chance to heal fully, we ‘ll place the permanent restorations. Dental implants are a versatile option in care and can support everything from individual crowns, to long-span fixed bridges, and customized overdentures.
At the office of Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality of skilled and compassionate care. For more information on our practice and the many services we provide, give our office a call today.

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