Treatment and Causes | Tonsil Stones and Tongue Blisters

Even though the tongue is one of the strongest organs in the body they may be effected by bumps or blisters on them. Bumps or blisters on the tongue might be mainly caused due to injury, allergies, stomatitis, Kawasaki syndrome, scarlet fever, herpes, leukoplakia and oral thrush.

How to know?

Tonsil stones and tongue blisters if found are diagnosed and assessed by physicians after going through the medical history of the sufferer, a thorough physical examination is done, bacteriological cultures tested, blood sample tested and then also checked using x-rays.

Various reasons might have caused the formation of tonsil stones and tongue blisters like strep throat, viruses, food particles if any stuck in the mouth or viruses deposited in the tonsils.


Human Tongue

Tonsil stones and tongue blisters might also be caused because of a condition called hand-mouth-foot disease which leads to bumps similar to blisters on the cheeks, tongue, near tonsils and throat.

Various enteroviruses and coxsackie viruses might be responsible for this condition which stimulates this disease. Since it is caused due to viral infestation, administration of antibiotics might not be of great help.


Instead of that the person suffering from this disease should consume more fuel avoiding dehydration and also should consume acetaminophen in case of fever accompanied by it.

Tonsil blisters is a condition which might be caused due to an infection known as herpangina which starts along with fever and results in appetite loss. The condition might also exhibit various symptoms including headaches, running nose, backaches, vomiting, diarrhea and even drooling. Normally in children it might take four to six days time.

Home care for Curing Tonsil Blisters

  • Some effective home remedies for tonsil blisters include sipping liquids that are warm,
  • Gargle water with salt many times in a day,
  • Popsicles or colder liquids are used for getting some relief from sore throats,
  • Enhancing the production of saliva by sucking various things like throat lozenges or hard candies,
  • Using humidifier or cool mist vaporizer to make the region wet and get relieved from tonsils.
  • The burning sensation of the blisters can be controlled with the help of pain killers available over the counters and by consuming acetaminophen.

Persons suffering from tonsil stones, tongue blisters or tonsil blisters should avoid eating food items rich in acid content like sugars, flours and so on. And can even change their toothpastes if they contain a chemical called sodium laurel sulfate which is known to make the mouth lining dry. More quantities of fruits especially apples should be eaten as there is a proven record of lowering the occurrence of blisters.

Tonsillectomy not only can lead to various health problems later but also does not come at a cheaper price. The surgery can also hinder day-to-day activities for some time. Hence, it is avoided most often. You may refer good oral surgeon by dental rating and reviews

In fact, there are natural and scientifically proven ways to get rid of tonsil stones, so they never return. It’s absolutely not necessary to go for a long, drawn out surgery or wasting your money on expensive nasal sprays and tablets.