Invisible Braces
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Invisible Braces Treatments

Get your new invisible braces today !

What is Invisible braces?

Esthetica Invisible Braces treatments offers a comfortable and removable alternative to braces. Treatment is simple and the trays are virtually invisible during use. Invisible braces, cost more than any other type of braces because they are practically invisible.

Crooked teeth affect your appearance and oral health, but you may be hesitant to wear metal braces but These braces has a almost no limitations

Invisible Braces braces work best for people who don’t have significant teeth problems. The advantages: they’re less noticeable than traditional braces and often require less frequent visits to the dentist.

teeth inivisible treatments 1
teeth inivisible treatments

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Benefits of Invisible Braces

  • Incredibly discreet

Invisible Braces trays are customized to comfortably fit your smile. They are fabricated from a clear plastic material, so most people will never even notice that you’re wearing them.

  • Improved comfort

Unlike metal brackets and wires, the snug fit and smooth edges will never rub, snag, or irritate the delicate soft tissues inside your mouth.

  • No hygiene or diet restrictions.

Since the trays are removable, Invisible Braces patients can brush and floss normally while continuing to enjoy all their favorite sticky, crunchy foods.

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