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Esthetica's Dental Treatments

Esthetica Dental Clinic And Maxillofacial Hospital offers a range of Dental Treatments includes head, face, jaw, neck, facial treatments to fit your dental health

General Dentistry

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Oral & Dental Health Check Up

Your dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums in addition to assessing your bone density.

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Smile Designing

Esthetica's process of improving the appearance of the smile.

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Teeth Cleaning and Whitening

Teeth cleaning is important for the ongoing health of your teeth & gums, whereas teeth whitening procedures are purely cosmetic.

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Tooth Fillings

A Filling/restoration is a way to restore damaged tooth back to its normal function and shape.

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Fractured Teeth

Your dentist can place a new filling or crown over the damaged tooth to protect it.

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Root Canal Treatment

When an injury or a large cavity damages the tooth's root.

denture esthetica

Full Mouth Denture

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues


Fixed Teeth Bridge

Bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Esthetica will help you to fill that gap.

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Malaligned Teeth Correction

Teeth Alignment, Orthodontist, Orthodontic, Misaligned Teeth Correction, Malocclusion Of Teeth

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Invisible Braces

The length of treatment depends on your situation and the type of invisible braces you are wearing.

esthetica dental clinic bridge cad

Zirconia Cad Cam Crowns

Field of dentistry and prosthodontics using CAD/CAM

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Children Teeth Care

Keeping your child's teeth clean. Brush your child's teeth twice a day – morning and night.

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