Save Time and Money with ” Fix Teeth In 3 Days”

Fix Teeth In 3 Days is an implant system designed to allow you to walk into our office without teeth and walk out in 3 days with permanent teeth, no joke! You will receive four implants and a complete set of new replacement teeth. Traditional implants require six, eight or even more implants per arch, and patients often need bone grafting, which could require six months or more of healing time.

The procedure saves you time and money, all with minimal discomfort. The Fix Teeth In 3 Days treatment concept created by Esthetica was developed to provide edentulous(lacking teeth.) patients with an efficient and effective restoration using only four implants to support an immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis(artificial body).

The Beauty and Benefits of Fix Teeth In 3 Days Dental Implants

Fix Teeth In 3 Days Teeth are the newest innovation in dental implant technology. In most dental implant cases, patients must have multiple office visits and must wait months before having a permanent implant placed. With immediate load implants, patients can walk in and out of the doctor’s office with a complete set of teeth!

  • Three-day tooth replacement
  • The lifelong, predictable solution supported by extensive research
  • Look and function like natural teeth
  • Preservation and improvement of facial structure
  • Long-lasting tooth replacement
  • Bone is immediately stimulated, allowing for long-lasting aesthetics
  • Improved ability to eat
  • Improved ability to speak
  • Increased patient comfort and convenience
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Shortened treatment time
  • Improved quality of life

What’s the Minimum Age for a Dental Implant ?

Dental implants treatment are done successfully in aged patients. But there should be and forever to the adult and elderly patients to get the bone amount present for the dental implant procedure to guarantee success.

Any person can get fixed teeth in 3 days procedure done as long as the Dentist think his physical fitness is good enough to support this simple procedure. Any old patient who is aesthetically concerned about their smile can get the dental implants placed in the missing teeth area. Patients as high as 90 years have also experienced this treatment without any difficulty. The majority of the patients are over 65 years of age. There is no such specific highest age until which dental implant procedures can be done.

What will happen in Fix Teeth in 3 Days?

Fix teeth in 3 days is a method that allows for quick, non-removable teeth. Your new teeth are assured to feel and function like natural teeth. In addition, Fix teeth in 3 days remove the need for difficult removable dentures.

Permanent teeth in 3 days! is it possible?

Yes ! of course, If you want permanent fixed teeth without sinus lift or bone grafting, then here is a good possibility. Here come the method Permanent Teeth Implants in 3 days. All patients facing much trouble without teeth can enjoy the benefits of permanently fixed bridges on implants.

What is the cost of Fix teeth in 3 days?

The cost of fixing teeth in 3 days of dental implants can fluctuate depending on the material used and how many implant teeth you need. Many factors determine the price of a dental implant, like bone grafting and sinus lift treatment.

The dentist must estimate every patient’s natural circumstance as well. Jawbone and gum condition, whether or not a bone graft and extraction or temporary tooth is necessary, and anaesthesia options are all considered in the cost of an implant. Because of all these variables, I hesitate to quote a price. But, cost between 5,50,000 to 10,00,000 INR

How long does it take to place dental implants?

Many factors may affect the specific period it will take to finish your procedure. For example, a Dental implant will considerably delay the process if you require a bone graft. Whether you are getting traditional implants or mini-implants will also have a result on your treatment time.

What is the success rate of Fix teeth in 3 days?

Fix teeth in 3 days. Success rates of dental implants differ, depending on where in the jaw the implants are placed, but, in standard, dental implants have a success rate of up to 98%. With individual care, implants can last a lifetime.

Is there any requirement for an X-Ray or CT scan?

Before doing any Procedure, the Expert will demand to take an X-ray or CT scan of your mouth and use these pictures to find the best specific location for the implant. These images help as the plan for dental surgery. A dental surgeon cannot offer a dental implant procedure without looking at that diagram.

Is it a painful treatment?

You have minimal to no pain. Most patients are back at work the same day and are amazed by the easiness of the procedure. If, though, you are having extensive bone grafting and sinus height surgery in preparing for dental implants, your Expert may be using an in-office anesthesiologist for IV sedation. In that case, you may not be allowed to drive for 24 hours, and you may require very mild pain medicine for 24 hours. Each individual’s response is different, but from experience, most patients have little to no pain.

How soon may I return to work after treatment?

You may return to work the subsequent day except directed by your doctor. You may be prescribed medication to relieve any minor pain you may have.

What if you do have not enough bone or gum tissue for the dental implant?

To happily undergo the procedure, you must have enough jawbone mass to support the dental implant. In some cases, you may lack the necessary bone structure. This may occur for several reasons:

  • If you have difficult stages of gum infection, it may consume a large portion of the bone enclosing your teeth.
  • If you wait a long time to replace a missing tooth, it can decrease the bone structure underneath your missing tooth.

In these circumstances, you may require a bone graft to rebuild the strength and density of the bone in your jaw earlier to support the dental implant procedure. A bone graft is a surgical method that uses your bone or a processed bone material to rebuild your jawbone formation. After the bone graft is performed at the site where your implants will be placed, it will take time to integrate with your natural jawbone material. The length of time for this healing varies based on how the jaw lost much bone structure and how quickly your body heals, but in general, it takes 3-4 months.