Complete Root Canal Treatment in Vadodara, India

We undertake root canal endodontic treatments at Esthetica Dental Office on a regular basis to eliminate infections and save our patients’ teeth. At Vadodara, we can complete the procedure and work to keep patients comfortable. Root canal therapy is a popular dental procedure. If you live in the Vadodara area and are experiencing tooth pain, please contact us at (91) 94084 01616 to schedule an appointment and determine whether you require root canal endodontic treatment.

What is the Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is an endodontic therapy that is often suggested if the tooth pulp and nerves become infected or damaged. This procedure, called a “pulpotomy”, contributes to getting rid of all the pain. The treatment is an often straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and save your teeth. If root canal treatment is delayed, the infection begins to spread, eventually.

What will happen on the day of Root Canal Treatment?

First, our expert at Esthetica Dental Clinic will observe your mouth with a small mirror to ensure your teeth are healthy enough to hold out the procedure. Root canal treatment refers to the procedure that you undergo to obtain all of the pulp of a tooth in order to repair the decay on it. This involves the excavation and removal of the nerve(s) and tissue to restore the tooth to its original state.

The process of root canal treatment often involves a long and painful recovery period. Because of this, it is essential that the root canal treatment is undertaken by a dentist who is highly trained and has all of the necessary experience. 

What are the risks of not getting treatment?

The common risk of not getting treatment is that the infection spreads to the nerve root and eventually causing nerve root pain and numbness in your teeth. In this situation, you will be required to get the same procedure done again.

The second time, the doctor will have to perform open surgery on your gum to remove infected tissue. This kind of open surgery is most often performed in the form of a Proctctectomy procedure or by cutting through the gum tissue. It will make it difficult for you to eat and swallow your food properly. In this type of surgery, you are often required to be in the hospital for a longer period.

What is the duration of treatment?

Most patients who undergo root canal treatment can expect a relatively quick procedure using an anesthetic. In most cases, patients should be discharged after around an hour and will often be given painkillers, either oral or injected. Also, patients will be given instructions on what to do in case of any discomfort or pain that may follow.

In some cases, Root canal treatment lasts about one to two days. It is more complex than a simple dental cleaning. It requires lots of planning and quite some skill. With careful planning, the root canal treatment lasts for two or three hours to one day, depending on the patient’s dental issues.

The root canal treatment can be performed in about a day or a little over three. When there is a lot of work to be done on the tooth, it is best to have a surgeon do the root canal treatment. The rest of the treatment can usually be done in one to three visits.

What are the symptoms of a root canal infection?

Tiny white pellets on the lower back tooth Plaque building up on the back tooth may turn black Chew as if chewing on a nail Unusual, tooth pain and swelling of the head of the tooth Small white deposits in the tooth Chew on anything hard with the back of the teeth Black plaque buildup on the back tooth.

How is root canal treatment treated?

Before any treatment is carried out, there will need to be a general anesthetic as it can be extremely painful to have a tooth extracted. An anesthesiologist will be standing by throughout the procedure and will be administering an intravenous painkiller to patients. Patients will need a pair of gloves, flannel cloths, and something to cover their head with to prevent injury, as well as

Root canal treatments are usually performed under local anesthesia to numb the patient before and during the procedure. Before the procedure begins, the dentist will give the patient a temporary filling. If a tooth is to be saved during the procedure, the permanent tooth will be extracted at the end of the procedure.

How much does root canal treatment cost?

Root canal treatment is usually carried out on a patient’s first visit to a dental clinic. The treatment costs around 1,500 INR to 3,000 INR for a one-time treatment, with a variety of different options. Some procedures are less costly than others, depending on the complexity of the root canal treatment, and the complexity of the tooth root. 

What are the benefits of root canal treatment?

  • Solution of dental pain.
  • Protection against decay and gum disease.
  • Protects your soft tissue from potentially dangerous damage, such as surgery.
  • Medicine safe treatments.

What is the success rate of root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment has proven success rates of about 99.50%. Unless, If the worst happens, the success rate is 98 percent in one year. Although, If the tooth pulp or nerves are killed off, the success rate is 99 percent at one year. If the tooth does not need root canal treatment but needs a bridge, the success rate is 88 percent.

It is a very good option to get root canal treatment when multiple issues in the tooth involve infected tissue and nerves. For example, if the tooth is infected, has infected pulp or nerve roots, or is cracked, it is advisable to get a root canal. It is because you want to get rid of the infection at the root of the issue.


Root canal treatment is a permanent treatment that is often recommended when you need to take pain relief. It will treat the underlying problem so you won’t suffer further from pain, and it is also less painful. It also restores your smiles. Approximately eight in ten (82%) patients who have a dental problem get relief with a root canal procedure.

Do you feel depressed on day of RCT?

Get stress-relieving oral therapy to reduce your problems. In the end, you will be glad to have done it. Root Canal Treatment is a state-of-the-art technology that uses a drill and water jet system to cure tooth decay and infection. The treatment takes only a short period and is very simple. The patient sits on a dentist’s chair as the doctor drills into the pulp.

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Best dentist vadodara, India
Best dentist vadodara, India
Best dentist vadodara, India
Best dentist vadodara, India
Best dentist vadodara, India