Detailed Cost & Fees of Dental Implants in Vadodara, India. 

You may looking for the cost of dental implants in India, then we encourage you to read this page until the end. We assure you that it will help you make a complete plan to visit India.

We will find the complete list of implants price with the company and their origins on this page. Planing for a tooth implant can be difficult. Besides, It will be more complicated if it is in a foreign country. But after you read this page, you will get some more confidence to make your dental implant treatment in India

At Esthetica Hospital, We will make every effort to ensure that you are entirely at ease during your visit to India. Now, let’s find out how your implant planning will be more cost-effective and remarkable.

Single Tooth Implant Cost

Company Name Info Price INR(₹) Price USD($)
MSDI Implant For the patient looking for an implant with a competitive price, then an MSDI implant is the best option. ₹12,000 $148
Blue Fix At Esthetica, we provide complete set of blue fix conventional and basal implants based on india ₹14,000 $173
NeoDent Neo Dent is proven product concepts and efficient treatment options for any patient ₹18,000 $222
Noris Medical Esthetica provides dental implants from the most popular dental implant provider Noris Medical – Israel. ₹16,000 $197
Roott The clinic gives Implant trusted way medical company distributes for swiss dental implant Roott of TRATE. ₹22,000 $271
Osteem Esthetica also masters for placing the world’s most placed dental implant from Osteem Implant ₹20,000 $247
Straumann It including groundbreaking technologies such as Roxolid® and SLActive® ₹26,000 $320
Nobel Biocare We also accommodate dental implants and CAD/CAM-based individualized prosthetics from Nobel Biocare ₹32,000 to ₹35,000  $394 to $431

*Cost includes the standard procedure and treatment steps. Each patient has a different condition, so minor cost variations may apply

Basal Implant – Single Tooth Cost

Type Info Cost INR(₹)  Cost USD($)
Roott Compresssive Two-piece implant for multiple unite screw-retained restorations with a narrow screw. ₹20,000 $247
Roott Basal One-piece implant for residual alveolar ridge atrophy with bendable neck & polished body ₹16,000 $197
Roott Basal SS

One-piece implant for residual alveolar ridge atrophy with polished bendable neck & increased thread roughness

₹18,000 $222

GenXT – Bioline Single Tooth Cost

Type Price INR(₹)  Price USD($)
GenXT Bioline Compressive ₹20,000  $247
GenXT Bioline Basal ₹18,000  $222

Other Dental Implant Options

Type Price INR(₹) Price USD($)
Zygoma Implants ₹60,000 $740
All fix teeth in 5 days ₹480,000 $5,917
All-on-4 Implants(Full Mouth)
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All-on-6 Implants(Full Mouth)
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Hybrid Plate Implant(Single Tooth) ₹35,000 $431
Customize Implant Option ₹600,000 $7,396

Retained Tooth

Type Info Price INR(₹)  Price USD($)
Cement Retained Tooth Single-unit and short-span implant restorations are preferred to be Cement-retained. ₹3,000


Screw Retained Tooth Extensive, full-arch implant reconstructions are preferred to be screw-retained. ₹5,000  $62
Priyanka PatelPriyanka Patel
11:37 27 Oct 22
Excellent visit with dr. Dhaval trivedi, had all 4 wisdom teeth removed in one day with no pain, dr also worked with my busy schedule as i came from U.S. on a short trip, would recommend to all my family and friends.
Rohan TailorRohan Tailor
09:48 02 Sep 22
Wonderful experience with Esthetica clinic. Dr.Dhaval Trivedi is a wonderful surgeon, and the staff is always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I chose Esthetica and would highly recommend to anyone.
Patel RoshanPatel Roshan
11:26 24 Aug 22
Esthetica dental clinic is undoubtedly one of the best clinic.Dr Dhaval Trivedi makes it sure that his patients is comfortable and I personally suggest esthetica dental clinic to one and all.Heariest thank u to Dr Dhaval sir and his staff..
Khushali PathakKhushali Pathak
04:00 20 May 22
All most every dental problems treated here.. Me and my son regularly check teeth at esthetica. dentist have a very in depth knowledge about dental dentist in vadodara
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10:22 18 May 22
I have been a patient of Esthetica Hospital for the past few years and I have to say that I am really impressed with the quality of their dental services. The dentists there are some of the best in the business and they always take care to make sure that my teeth are in great condition. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a best dentist in Vadodara.
Mihir ParmarMihir Parmar
12:23 07 Jan 21
Excellent doctor, took my wife for wisdom tooth removal. They removed the tooth painlessly. Great service!

Procedure of Dental Implants placement in India

Step 1 Online Consultation or Live Chat: First, we will discuss your basic queries regarding dental implant placement in India, such as your “when you will come to India?” and days to stay in India. Or any other query you have about your stay in India. We can use it on live chat or online video consultation.

Step 2 Dental CT scans in your Home Country: After step one, if you decide to visit Esthetica Hospital, then we can move forward to step two, which is regarding your Oral CT in your home country. The surgeon will suggest you make an oral CT scan of your jaw.

Step 3 Again, Consultation and Book Appointment: Now we have your CT. After a study of your CT surgeon suggests when to visit our Hospital, before any treatment, we should discuss what will happen during and after treatments with doctors. So therefore, an initial consultation is required.

Step 4 Hospital Visit & Understand Treatment Procedures: After completing the online conversation, we will plan your visit to Hospital. If you are visiting India first time, then we will help you reach our clinic. We will arrange for our vehicle to be pickup from AirPort and drop you at your hotel or your staying place.

Next, To have a successful dental implant procedure, you must know what to expect beforehand. It is essential to understand the process as it can be pretty complex and requires a lot of preparation before going through it. Now we have everything to go for surgery. We will give you the date and time to make your implant placement surgery.

Step 5 Placing implants: Accordingly, the dentist will start placing implants. Dental implants are created by putting a titanium implant into the jaw and connecting a ceramic crown once the jawbone has fused the implant. Once this occurs, we will place a dental implant in position.

Step 6 Temporary crown: The dentist can utilize a wide variety of techniques depending on the state of the implant site. This procedure will typically include a temporary crown.

Step 7 Permanent ceramic or zirconia crown: Finally, Once the bone fusion is complete. While heeling, it may be best to avoid certain foods after the treatments. Later a few months, The surgeon replaced the temporary crown with a permanent crown. Standard dental implants occur through a process of stages. An implant is installed to the jaw bone and will need to fuse for roughly 3-6 months.

Quick Overview & Instructions

  • Pre-Operative- Instructions

  • On  the Day of Surgery – Instructions

  • Post-Operative – Instructions

* All instructions are based on the standard procedure and average cases at Esthetica Hospital. Besides, Every Patient has different conditions and treatment steps. Please ask your surgeon for your specific case, If there are any other symptoms you have.


  • Most cost-effective with the best quality to have a dental implant in India.
  • Most experienced dental surgeons have done more than 5000 implant placements in India and overseas.
  • Most trusted tooth implant provider by foreign patients.
  • Retainer support that helps improve your smile and confidence.
  • Patients will get long-term stability in speaking & eating.
  • Dental implants will place in any area of the mouth without causing any damage to surrounding teeth or gums.
  • Dental implants offer better chewing and eating capabilities than other prosthetics like dentures or bridges.
  • Convenient Hospital location is near Airport, Bus-station & Railway station.
  • Transport Facilities for overseas patients or new ones in the city.

Success rate of dental implants in India

In India, on average, good surgical outcomes show 95% success compared with implant failure due to infection. Procedures with successful implant stability results can have up to 100% success compared to losses caused by systemic diseases that get into tissues surrounding dental implants.

Before & After Photos of Dental Implant Patients

As a top teeth implant clinic in Vadodara, we care for all patients like they were our own relatives. We understand that traveling all the way to a new city or even a different country can be daunting. Therefore, at Esthetica Dental Clinic in Vadodara, every effort is made to ensure that all our patients are completely at ease during their visit with us.

All Treatment and Procedure Cost at Esthetica Vadodara, India

Procedure & Treatment   Cost(₹)  Cost($)(Max Ammount)
Dental Consultation   ₹200  $2
Facial Surgery Consultation   ₹500  $6

Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal ₹3,800 $47
Re-Root Canal ₹4,800 $59
Deep Cleaning   ₹1,500 to ₹2,500 $31
Teeth Whitening   ₹5,000 to ₹12,000 $148
Tooth Fillings   ₹800 to ₹1,800 $22
Fractured Teeth Care   ₹4,000 to ₹10,000 $123
Dental Health Package   ₹5,000 $62
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Full Mouth Denture   ₹20,000 to ₹80,000 $986
Fixed Teeth Bridge   ₹8,000 $99 
Zirconia Cad Cam Crowns   ₹8,000 to ₹15,000 $185
Teeth Straightening   ₹30,000 to ₹90,000 $1,109
Invisible Braces   ₹125,000 to ₹200,000 $2,465
Wisdom tooth surgery   ₹3,500 to ₹6,000  $74
Dental Veneers Porcelain Veneers ₹8,500  $105
Dental Crown      
Emax Lithium Disilicate ₹10,000 to ₹12,000   $148
Basic Ceramic ₹3,500   $43
Cad-Cam Ceramic ₹4,200   $52
Digital DMLS Ceramic ₹5,000   $62
Crown Tilite ₹6,200   $76
Matel Crown ₹1,800   $22
Basic Zirconia ₹8,000   $99
Premium Zirconia ₹9,500   $117
BruxZir® Zirconia ₹11,000   $136
E-Max ₹12,000   $148
Dental Braces      
Matel ₹35,000   $431
Ceramic ₹45,000 to ₹50,000   $616
Demon ₹70,000 to ₹90,000   $1,109
(Flash, Illusion, Invisalign)
₹150,000 to 300,000   $3,698

Dental Implants Pricing FAQ

More than half of dental offices charge additional fees above and beyond standard fees for nitrous oxide administration or anesthetics and missed appointments. Most offices (64%) said the other charges “help pay for extra time or equipment/materials.” Some dentists, established and just starting, are more focused on making money than patient care.

The cost of a dental implant treatment largely depends on the volume of dental implants a dentist places. Since Esthetica dental implant dentists place such a large amount of dental implants, we get preferential rates from our suppliers that we then pass onto our patients. We do not encourage any extra or unnecessary treatment to our patients.

At your convenience, We gave you multiple payment options. You can pay with your credit card, Net Banking or Cash. All at once or monthly instalments. Generally, we would like to give half payment before treatment starts.

Yes, Although our dental implant’s success rate is 99%. Almost all cases favorably placed implants without any difficulties. If any query or obstacle arises on the date of treatment or after treatment, we assure you to refund your money. Besides, we provide 100% support during treatment or after surgery.

Most insurance companies don’t provide insurance or Medi-claim against dental implants, But in the Morden era, some insurance companies started providing. It’s the best way to ask your medical insurance provider before taking any medical insurance.

Dental implants are a little expensive compare to the best alternative like complete mouth dentures. But, in the long term, suitability, stability, and durability are priceless. We assure you that if you have placed an implant in your mouth, you will never feel or think about money.

Generally, we gave a discount to only one time for online patients for marketing purposes. If you like to know more about any ongoing implant offers and cashback, please chat with our experts on the bottom right chat window. If any expert didn’t reply on the chat window, please send an email to


Generally, we accept Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Online Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card & Digital Wallets. If you are a foreigner, then we can accept payment in USD.