Dr. Megha Vyas is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with over 10 years of experience in facial surgery like

  • Brow lift (Forehead Surgery),
  • Blepharoplasty(Eye Surgery),
  • Rhytidectomy(Facelift),
  • Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery),
  • Cheiloplasty (Lip Surgery),
  • Cheek Augmentation(Cheek Surgery),
  • Genioplasty(Chin Surgery),
  • Otoplasty(Ear Surgery)

as well as peri-oral related surgery such as reconstructive jaw surgery, bone grafting. The office is laser equipped, which makes it possible to achieve a greater variety of results without invasive surgery.

Most Advance Laser Treatments

The lasers used in her practice are the top rated and most advanced lasers of their kind. Surgical techniques are minimally invasive, allowing for swift recovery and minimal scarring. Over vast clinical experience combined with rigorous continuing education, including orthognathic surgery, facial trauma reconstruction, facial plastic surgery, and bone grafting surgery means that when you choose Dr. Megha Vyas for your facial cosmetic procedure, you are choosing an expert in facial esthetics.

Sonal JoshiSonal Joshi
05:16 10 Sep 22
I was looking for a complete makeover. Dr Megha suggested me glutathione injections along with laser treatment,after 5 sessions,skin is glowing and the results are appreciable. Now my full body makeover sessions have started. And i can see the progress.I recommend megha Vyas for full body makeover.
Shivang PathakShivang Pathak
10:30 05 Sep 22
I was suffering from hair loss since 2 years for which I had consulted Dr Megha Vyas. I was advised for hair PRP therapy. Initially I was scared to get this treatment done due to injections but I was convinced with the treatment plan of the doctor. The results are completely satisfactory.
SP GamingSP Gaming
10:29 05 Sep 22
I had put on belly fat post pregnancy for which I consulted Dr megha's full body cosmetic surgery clinic and I was advised for liposuction with tummy tuck. It's been 2 months to the surgery and I am in the love with the results now.
neel Makwananeel Makwana
05:10 03 Sep 22
Excellent service for implants and digitalsmile design.My father had gone for dental implants of osstem company. After 4 years he is still happy with the work.Now I have also undergone smile design with digital scanner they have. I could see my after results even before starting the procedure with help of digital scanning. I am more than happy to get my veneers done here.Staff is very humble and ambience is outstanding.Must visit once for better explanation and technology
Manu bhai BajaniyaManu bhai Bajaniya
06:49 02 Sep 22
I had much of belly fat.I got liposuction done at dr megha vyas clinic.results are totally satisfactory. I recommended dr Megha and tge team for full body cosmetics
Nalini PathakNalini Pathak
14:38 01 Sep 22
I had wrinkled face and had facelift surgery in January. I am in love with my results. I am happy to choose Dr Megha Vyas as my surgeon. I highly recommend Dr Megha and the team.
Meshva PatelMeshva Patel
18:30 31 Aug 22
I got my mole removed with Dr Megha..it was a big mole near my shoulder region,I was scared of pain and scarring. Dr Megha explained me well and it was totally painless and bloodless procedure.This is my second procedure of body at her clinic and i highly appreciate her work and recommend the doctor for all the procedures..Thank you 😊

Here is the all Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

Cheek Puffiness Reduction


Chin Reshaping

Double Chin Reduction

Neck Lift

Dermal Fillers


Hair Transplant

Scalp Pigmentation

Brow Lift



Cheek Augmentation

Dimple Creation