What is Zygoma Implants?

Zygoma or Zygomatic implants are varying from regular dental implants in that they anchor into the zygomatic bone rather than the maxilla. In Zygoma, the ideal implant system for a rapid loading method with graft-less treatment also offers a wide choice of temporary prosthetic options. It fairly shortens time-to-teeth for increased patient satisfaction.

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Are zygomatic implants safe?

Zygomatic implants avoid not only complex bone-grafting procedures but also show excellent survival rates. A long-term study shows an average implant CSR of 95.12% after ten years. The success rate for zygomatic implants obtained by different authors varies between 82% and 100%. Zygomatic present a high 12-year CSR, with most failures occurring at the early stages postoperatively. The main observed complication related to ZIs was sinusitis, which can appear several years after ZI installation surgery.