Certified Basal Implant Treatment Vadodara, India

At Esthetica Dental Office, we place basal implants as a treatment for replacing the tooth. Our team has the necessary experience with placing these basal implants and can ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure. If you live in Vadodara, Gujarat or the surrounding area and are looking for a natural-looking restoration, we encourage you to call (91)9408401616 and schedule an appointment.

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What are the basal implants?

The basal implant is a new design in implants. There are 3 to 4 companies that make basal implants. The basal implant is a type of screw that is a one-piece design and can be loaded immediately. Basal implants are thinner and longer. Therefore, they can be placed without cutting the gum.

basal implant vadodara

Esthetica’s Basal treatment at Vadodara, India

Esthetica provides novel basal implant treatment uniquely and cost-effectively. The implants have no needed bone augmentation, which means fewer bones do not have an issue to place implant.

How to place Basal implants?

The bone comprises an internal spongy (cancellous) portion covered with the dense bone layer (cortical). Each basal implant is placed in at least two places within the cortical. The cortical used for anchoring the basal implants is highly mineralized and has a high regeneration rate.

It ensures the integration of dental implants and allows their immediate loading. Basal implants differ from crest (axial) implants in the manner of placing, the manner of force distribution, and, most importantly, by the planning and execution of the prosthetic construction and postoperative regime.

Is immediate implant possible with Basal?

These implants are well designed for immediate loading, and therefore you get your permanent fixed teeth immediately in 3 days. These implants have a high success rate for patients. It also provides extended life to the patient’s teeth. Additionally, Esthetica offers the closest possible alternative to an actual tooth replacement with the best functioning, good feeling, and excellent looking, just like natural teeth.

One area of dental implants developing more market share is Basal Implants, like Basal Implants and Basal Cortical Compression screws. These can be used in areas where there is little vertical bone remaining. Are any of you using these kinds of implants, and what are your experiences? How do these differ from conventional implants?

Beauty and benefits of Basal Implants

  • Basal implants are the first choice for moderate or severe atrophy of the jaw and patients who want immediate restoration of masticated function.
  • The dentist can place it even in severe bone atrophy patients – patients with advanced periodontal conditions can be treated with basal implants in one visit.
  • Single crowns can also be placed over basal implants. They are loaded immediately only in certain situations.
  • The requirements for oral hygiene of the patient are less demanding because of the resistance of basal implants. The postoperative care for the implants includes excellent oral health (brushing teeth, using dental floss, mouthwash) and regular check-ups. Otherwise, it is very likely that the implant will be compromised and could be lost.
  • This tooth replacement option is suitable for almost all patients, even those without any teeth.
  • The dentist can place it in smokers and patients with diabetes.
  • Implants have a 98% success rate that is a higher rate than one of the traditional implants. Often this success is due to the avoidance of bone grafting and sinus lift.
  • Patients can get their teeth fixed in 3-4 days. Basal implants can be placed immediately after the extraction of teeth in one visit. Therefore, this method is less traumatic than the classical implants method.
  • Potential complications of implantation are minimized because the placement is associated with minor invasive surgery, and implants are placed in the deep layers of sterile bone. It will reduce the risk of infection several times compared to traditional implants.
  • The placement of basal implants has a lower price than the standard procedure because of the reduced treatment stages.
  • It can be used as an anchor for bridges and dentures and allow the patient to restore the mastication function immediately.

Popular categories

Indications of Basal Implants

  • The basal implant can be placed in situations when multiple teeth are missing or have to be extracted.
  • When the bone augmentation procedure has failed, then the dentist suggests placing the basal implant.
  • Cases of thin ridges – That is a deficiency of bone in buccolingual thickness.
  • The basal implant can be the option where bone height is insufficient.

Basal implants are the options where we can give fixed teeth in 3 days to patients. The procedure is flapless, bloodless, stitch-less, and no swelling occurs after surgery.

Basal implants in India is nowadays the top choice in implantology. Esthetica Hospital provides this treatment in a minimum period for overseas patients with an affordable price of the implant.

Full mouth rehabilitation with Basal implants

Basal implant in India is at boom nowadays. With the increased demand for immediate implants. Alternatively, the dentist now giving teeth within 3 to 7 days on implants.

Whereas many people were searching “basal implants in India,” the cost is also low compared to conventional implants. But before going for the treatment of basal implants, you need to think before selecting any clinic in India.

The reason being is the less number of experienced dentists for basal implants, technique sensitive approach, recent failures of many cases with basal implants.

Advanced Basal Design

The basal implant is a new design in implants. There are 3 to 4 companies that make basal implants. The basal implant is a type of screw that is a one-piece design and can be loaded immediately. Basal implants are thinner and longer. Therefore, they can be placed without cutting the gum.

How is a basal implant different from other implants?

The basal implant is a one-piece implant in which the root part of the implant is attached to the abutment with a polished neck, whereas in conventional implants, the implant and abutment have to be joined with an extra screw.

How is the basal implant designed?

There are two types of basal implants

1. Axial basal – which has a thread in its apical part and it is the polished titanium implant

2. Compressive implant – which is the same as the conventional implant but in one piece

Which type is right for long term success?

Compressive one has a rough titanium surface, and it gets good anchorage from bone both mechanically and biologically.

The axial basal implant is polished, so the bone to implant junction remains loose sometimes if not inserted correctly in cortical bone.

Which type of teeth comes with basal implants?

Most of the doctors in India prefer acrylic hybrid teeth when they use basal implants. The issue with acrylic teeth is, they are not aesthetically pleasing in look as all-ceramic teeth. Also, acrylic teeth get wear off with time.

Whenever possible, you should go for only compressive implants as they are more predictable. If, in your case, it is not possible, then go for another implant System. All ceramic teeth are the best option as they look more natural, and the success ratio is high with them.