General Dentistry

General, Preventive, and Family Dentistry Checkup is for patients of all ages offering complete, comprehensive dental care.

At Esthetica, we offer professional dental health care, including checkups, oral health consultations, and any necessary dental treatment. Teaching children about oral hygiene can help them maintain a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

General Dentistry includes the following treatments

If you want to know more about dentistry, here is a list of the most common procedures performed by general practitioners today. While dental clinics’ services vary from practice to practice, many general dentists perform a wide range of dental procedures, from root canal surgery to dental fillings.

What to expect when you visit General Dentist?

Dental specialists will first examine your dental condition and then operate on you if you need a general dental cleaning. You can rest assured that your dentist has performed a procedure that will repair your teeth countless times, no matter your dental problem. The longer you wait for the necessary dental restoration, the more difficult it becomes to treat a specific dental pain. Therefore, a dentist will perform all the required dental work in general dentistry.

General Dentistry at Esthetica Dental Clinic

The clinic can perform many essential procedures and provide a wide range of dental treatments, such as teeth whitening, root canal, surgery, and dental implants. Besides, Our dentists can perform certain types of oral surgery. Esthetica also completed complex medical procedures that can only serve expert and experienced oral surgeons.

following are the most common general dentistry treatments

Dental crown

For the dental crown placement, a general dentist would need two to three visits from the patient to complete the entire process. Since most crowns are made in a dental laboratory, it can take up to two dental appointments before the procedure is complete.

Dental lasers

Dental lasers can be used during binding to remove caries, replace scales, perform periodontal surgery, improve teeth whitening and treat some forms of sleep apnea. The following list contains dental restoration procedures that general dentists often perform on their patients. They also offer a wide range of materials from the mouth based on an individual tooth impression.

Kid’s tooth care

We provide professional preventive family dentistry care, including cleanings, oral health consultations, and any needed dental work. Educating kids on good oral hygiene practices can help them maintain a healthy and beautiful smile throughout their lives.

Oral examination

A complete oral examination will discover potential dental problems before they lead to serious health consequences. It will include your general health history and diseases that may affect your oral health and detect conditions inherited in your children.