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Technological Advancements in Dentistry

Technology in dentistry has made the patient’s dental visit more comfortable and efficient. New dental technology seems to come out each year to give the dentist a way to better and more accurately diagnose dental issues and provide the patient with a better dental experience. If you’re wondering what kind of new dental technology is […]

How to Tell If You Have Gum Disease?

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Did you know over 64.7 million Americans have gum disease? These numbers result from an extensive Centers for Disease Control study, which reveals the shocking prevalence of this serious dental health issue. Across America, millions of people suffer the uncomfortable symptoms of gum disease. How do you know if you have gum disease? What are […]

Primary Care: The Medical Consult

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In this part of the series, we will discuss the diagnostic methods available. Asthma is diagnosed in the primary care setting by a comprehensive medical history, family history, a physical examination, and lung function tests. Your primary care physician will determine the severity of your asthma which in turn will affect the treatment you require. […]

Dental Veneers: The Most popular thing in Dentistry

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Dental veneers have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their beautiful, gleaming appearance and ease of application. This procedure is performed by cosmetic dentists as patients discover that they can have a beautiful, bright smile. Dental veneers were criticized for their unnatural appearance and inability to match natural teeth. Dental veneers have evolved […]

What’s the Best Way to Discover a Great Cosmetic Dentist?

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It is imperative to choose the right cosmetic dentist to get your desired results. Since cosmetic dentistry is not officially recognized in the field of dentistry, any dentist can consider himself/herself as a cosmetic dentist. In general, all dentists learn how to perform different procedures in the area of cosmetic dentistry, but to be able […]

What are the Different Dental Tools Used by the Dentist?

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You’ve visited the dental practice on many occasions. Have you ever wondered what these dental instruments are? They might look threatening using their long handles and sharp metallic closures, yet they don’t have any fear. They’re a part of your routine dental cleaning. Different Cosmetic Tools Here’s a guide to dental instruments and what they […]