Chemical Peel in Vadodara, India

Get your chemical peel in Vadodara by Top Dermatologist, Dr. Megha Vyas. Specialist in deep peeling treatment for acne, pigmentation, anti-aging.

We at Esthetica Clinic in Vadodara, provide skin peeling treatment, chemical peel treatment at affordable cost/ price by dermatologist, skin specialist doctor. Call 94084 01616 to book your chemical peels in Vadodara with Dr Megha Vyas.

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What are chemical peels?

Cosmetic Dermatologists have ferocious treatments with active excerpts called Chemical Peels. These treatments encourage the junking of the damaged external subcaste of the skin. They also fasten the renewal of the skin. It helps to achieve a healthy, clear, mark-free skin type briskly than with conventional skin specifics.

Some of the key benefits of Chemical Peel in Vadodara, India are as follows

Chemical peels are a popular treatment for people with acne scars, fine lines, and other skin ailments. A chemical peel is a form of exfoliation that uses a chemical solution to remove the top layer of skin cells. The benefits of this procedure include smoother skin texture and reduced appearance of wrinkles. We providing best possible option for chemical peel in Vadodara at best price.

Chemical peels are used for a variety of skin problems, such as acne scars, sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation. A chemical peel removes the top layer of the skin by using an acid that causes controlled burns on the surface.

The Procedure of Chemical Peel

Chemical peeling is a painless procedure that requires about 15-20 minutes in the clinic. We first clean the area which we want to treat. Then we apply the peel cocktail solution to the skin. We have to leave this solution on the skin for a certain amount of time.

During this, you will experience a slight tingling sensation. After the required time is complete, we wipe off the solution. Then we apply a moisturizer or sunscreen to the skin.

You need to repeat these sessions once in 10-14 days. And you will mostly require a total of 4-8 sessions to complete your treatment.

What is the cost of chemical peels in Vadodara?

Chemical peel treatment cost in Vadodara depends on many factors. The most important ones are the brand of peel solution used and the expertise of the doctor.

The best and most advanced peels come from companies that are Internationally known for manufacturing peel solutions. Therefore, the cost of international level chemical peels, offered by a renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist tends to be more.

The cost of chemical peel in Vadodara starts at Rs 1500. The cost of superficial peels ranges from Rs 1700 to Rs 5000. Medium depth chemical peels range from Rs 2200 to Rs 7000. Chemical peels for pigmentation cost Rs 3,000 onwards. Complete acne treatment with chemical peels costs around Rs 20,000. While the price of a complete pigmentation treatment with chemical peels is approximately Rs 30,000. Specialized chemical peels such as Cosmelan peel in Vadodara costs Rs 22000. And Obagi Blue Peel costs Rs 45000 along with the Nuderm Kit.

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Success Rate

The success rate of chemical peel in Vadodara depends on various factors such as age, gender, underlying medical conditions, type of chemical peel used and if it has been done before. At Esthetica, With the expertise of the best cosmetic surgeons in India you can be assured of the highest 95% to 99% success rate for Chemical Peel in Vadodara, India.

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