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Facts about root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is also known as endodontic therapy. It is the treatment used for the removal of infection inside the tooth. Once a person gets the treatment, he stays protected from future infections. The root canal is the pulp of the tooth in which the doctors do a procedure to help the patient to get rid of annoying pain.

Root canal therapy is used to remove the nerves from the tooth pulp. It is a pain-relieving procedure. Endodontic therapy depends on the stages, and the cost of the testament varies. There are various facts related to the root canal. Six important facts about root canal therapy are given below.

Painful Treatment

Many people avoid having this procedure because it is quite painful. They think they cannot tolerate the pain and they delay going to the doctors. Yes, it is said to root canal treatment is painful because bacteria attack the tooth pulp and damage the nerves where there are located blood vessels and nerves.

If someone delay for a long time, the pulp may die, and you may not feel pain, but the infection starts traveling to the roots. Thus it causes severe infection and pain. If you want to stay safe, then visit the doctor as soon as you start suffering from pain.

When someone suffers from severe pain, especially deep in the tooth, it means he is suffering from severe infection. Therefore, the doctor has to decide on a root canal procedure. It is painful because of the treatment of direct nerves connecting to the tooth.

Moreover, the tooth pulp is quite a sensitive portion. Minor touching causes severe pain. So when someone is preparing for a root canal, he must prepare for the severe pain as well. He has to bear for few hours.

Antibiotic Is Not A Solution

Some people, when they feel pain, do self-treatment and start taking antibiotics. But the truth about root canal treatment is that it is not treated with antibiotics because antibiotics react through the bloodstream, but it does not reach the location of tooth infection.

Thus, it does not reach the infection site and doesn’t show positive outcomes.

Therefore, if you think you can treat the tooth pain due to the root canal with self-medication, especially using antibiotics. However, it is also important to avoid taking medications by own as you may get adverse effects.

For example, antibiotics may cause nausea, vomiting, and specific other gastric problems. Moreover, these also cause heart problems or hypersensitivity reactions. Thus, to avoid these problems, do not take antibiotics. Rather, consult the root canal therapist to eliminate the pain.

The Procedure Is Not Painful

According to root canal therapy, the treatment for the root canal itself is not painful. Some people think a root canal is a painful procedure. The doctor takes multiple steps to complete the procedure.  It has different steps to reduce any kind of pain.

Moreover, a doctor gives a local anesthetic to fully numb the area to be treated. Most patients, after undergoing treatment, claim that root canal therapy is not much painful. Insertion of anesthesia into the root canal cavity reduces the pain sensation, and the patient does not feel pain during the procedure.

Patient Stay Uncomfortable

One more thing about root canal therapy is that patients feel sore and uncomfortable after the procedure. Dentists recommend painkillers and prescribe medicines to accelerate the healing process.  It is important to eat softer food as well as rest well to heal faster.

It needs a certain time so there is a need to take care of your dental health. It is obvious that it is a minor surgery. Therefore, the patient has to bear some uncomfortable and annoying pain for few days.

Aftercare Is Important

A person who has undergone a root canal must be conscious after the surgery. There is a need for special care, so the treated tooth does not break or fall off.

Although the doctor attaches the crown to ensure extra protection yet, it is essential to take care by avoiding cold drinks, rinse your mouth after eating, and do not chew hard things.

Root Canal, Not An Invincible Treatment

A person who undergoes root canal treatment can keep it for 15 years under special care and maintenance. Thus, if you don’t care, then you may have to bear severe infection again.

Therefore, it is important to do extra care and visit the doctor every 6 months to know the root canal condition.

Final verdict

When someone suffers from pain or inflammation in the nerves under the tooth, a root canal therapist or dentist recommends root canal treatment. It is essential to discard the root cause of the pain.

A person has to bear some extra pain, but once he gets treatment, he feels relief and can eat and drink everything of his choice.

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