Why Choose a Faciomaxillary Surgeon For Facial Cosmetic Surgery?

Faciomaxillary Surgeons are specially and specifically trained in the anatomy and physiology of the facial structures, including bone, muscle, nerve and tissue relationships of the face, head and neck. Faciomaxillary Surgeon has vast knowledge and extensive expertise in this defined area of the body.

Faciomaxillary Surgeon has the ability and training to take the entire face into consideration, from bone structure to tissue quality and exacting placement, when performing a cosmetic procedure. Faciomaxillary Surgeon’s ability to realign facial structures stems from their residency years, which are filled with the treatment of multiple facial fractures and traumatic soft tissue injuries. Faciomaxillary Surgeon is experienced in “putting back together” tissues and structures, which are deformed unnaturally through injury, in a manner that results in the best possible esthetic outcome. Treating the skin is only a part of a more three-dimensional perspective in the mind of Faciomaxillary Surgeon.

Complete Facial Cosmetics

Treating the face, skin and jaws provides more complete and longer lasting results. Faciomaxillary Surgeon’s clinical understanding of the dental, skeletal and tissue relationships in facial esthetics, along with the “ESTHETIC EYE”, makes him/her an ideal specialist for cosmetic facial surgery.